Heuchera villosa type with striking leaf markings

Heuchera villosa 'Plum Power' - photo: Plantipp

Heuchera villosa ‘Plum Power’ – photo: Plantipp

‘Plum Power’ is a described as vigorous Heuchera villosa type with striking leaf markings and a leaf colour which changes throughout the year, from burgundy through to a wonderful purple-pink with a silver flush. The leaves of this variety which is bred by Luc Klinkhamer (Netherlands) can reach 20-25cm wide and 35-40cm long, with attractive dark leaf markings. From the end of June, ‘Plum Power’ produces dark-pink flowers with a second flush in September.
This Heuchera reaches 35cm high and 50cm wide. ‘Plum Power’ should handle both extreme heat and extreme cold. Even winter temperatures of -30 °C are not a problem. ‘Plum Power’ is reported as resistant to diseases and is not fussy about soil type. It can also be planted in full sun, part shade or shade.
Dutch young plant producer Vitro Westland is bringing the plant onto the market and also entered it for the new plant awards of Plantarium 2015 (August 26-29). The royalty management is done by Plantipp. ‘Plum Power’ is a PBR-protected plant.
'Plum Power' - photo: Plantipp

‘Plum Power’ – photo: Plantipp