Dreaming butterfly bushes

Buddleja 'Dreaming Lavender' - photo: Hines Growers

In 2011 US based nursery Hines Growers introduced Buddleja ‘Lavender Veil’. This cascading butterfly bush will now be launched in Europe by Breederplants in Holland under the name ‘Dreaming Lavender’. This new variety bred by Peter Podaras, is described as a compact grower, growing very low to the ground, reaching 1.5’ tall and no more than 3’ wide. “Bearing abundant flowers, the continuous fragrant flushes of lavender blooms with white eyes thrill throughout the summer. The smooth, dark green leaves contrast against the lighter shade of green on the underside. A stand-out feature that sets it apart from other ‘dwarf’ varieties is that when grown in containers or hanging baskets, the abundant flowers will cascade over the edges.”
Several growers in Europe took ‘Dreaming Lavender’ into production, among them Van Dool Plant in Boskoop (Netherlands). The nursery will show this Buddleja as a novelty on the upcoming Landgard Ordertage in Herongen, Germany (January 21-22).
This year Breederplants will launch two other cascading varieties from Podaras: ‘Dreaming White’ and ‘Dreaming Purple’. A fourth Dreaming-buddleja is in the pipeline. This one should even be more spectacular than the first three. But that news is still confidential.
Furthermore Breederplants launches Buddleja ‘Splendor Purple’, also from Hines Growers. Just like in the US all these new introductions are marketed under the Bloomtastic-label. This label which is developed by Hines Growers includes plants that are easy to grow with fantastic colour all season long. For the introduction of Bloomtastic in Europe PEP Business Creators is involved.