Chrysanthemum breeder Keith Lintott passed away

Keith Lintott - photo: Realflor

Keith Lintott – photo: Realflor

Chrysanthemum breeder Keith Lintott passed away on Thursday, 8th October 2015. He was 73 years. Tomorrow, October 22 the funeral service will take place in the UK. Lintott was a known chrysanthemum breeder, formerly working for Cleangrow. In 2007, the partnership of Keith Lintott and Richard Read formed Realflor to specialize in creating an intensive breeding program to introduce new varieties in character and color of a selected range of herbaceous perennial plants for the world market. Realflor nursery is situated near Chichester in Southern England.
Realflor does not only breed chrysanthemum, but also Leucanthemum and Gaillardia. In the US Realflor works close together with royalty management agency PlantHaven International.