Thousands of new plants in new Plant Finder

RHS Plant Finder 2012

Among the plants listed in the latest edition of the UK Royal Horticultural Society's annual publication, RHS Plant Finder 2012-2103, 3,380 are new. This amount equates to about 5 per cent … [Read more...]

Selecta Group premieres with Flower Trials in Germany

Dahlia Dalaya Shari

For the first time the German based Selecta Group has two FlowerTrials locations (June 12-15). Besides Selecta Holland with its long-established presentation at the floating greenhouse … [Read more...]

New members for the Garden Orchid family

Cypripedium Pueblo - Photo: newPlantsandFlowers

From last week (week 13) several new Garden Orchids are available in garden centres in Europe, such as the Pueblos, a 30-60 cm high Cypripedium. Dutch breeder Anthura in Bleiswijk showed … [Read more...]

Dutch assortment garden in Boskoop gets new lay-out

Assortment Garden Boskoop

The Harry van der Laar Assortment Garden of the tree nurseries in Boskoop, Netherlands will be renewed. More than ever, this garden will be a showcase for Dutch hardy nursery stock, showing … [Read more...]

Two widely trialled South-African aloes from Australia

Aloe Mountain Gem - Photo: Michael Dent

Aloe-Aloe Horticulture in Toowong just released in Australia two new aloe cultivars bred by South African aloe breeder Leo Thamm. These perennials are available in tissue culture and bare … [Read more...]

Euphorbia ‘Shorty’ has high potentials

Euphorbia ´Shorty´

Euphorbia 'Shorty' has a compact, rounded habitus. “And great for container gardening”, adds the webmaster of ItSaul Plants, in Alpharetta, GA, USA. The flowers of ‘Shorty’ don’t bent. The … [Read more...]

Three new jewels of the shaded garden

Cypripedium 'Achim' - Photo:Michael Weinert

Hardy lady's slipper orchids have long been regarded as difficult and expensive. But this is only true for the wild species, states Cypripedium breeder Michael Weinert in Dietramszell, … [Read more...]

Jewel of Desert series enriched with white colour

Delosperma spp. 'Jewel of Desert MoonStone' - Photo: Plantipp

The selling points of the new Delosperma spp. 'Jewel of Desert MoonStone' are according to royalty management agency Plantipp in IJsselstein, Netherlands: flowering spring till frost, very … [Read more...]

Clematis ’Blue Ribbons’ with three times bigger flowers

Clematis ´Blue Ribbons´ - Photo: Jelitto

German perennial breeder Jelitto introduces for 2012 Clematis integrifolia ´Blue Ribbons´. This variety is according to the breeder an improved, low-growing seed strain with an abundance of … [Read more...]

Alcea with bright and colorful lights of Vegas

Alcea Ficifolia-Hybr. 'Las Vegas' - Photo: Jelitto

German perennial breeder Jelitto considers hollyhocks one of the most popular, recognizable and easy-to-grow perennials. The decorative fig leaf hollyhock, a hardy Siberian species, is hard … [Read more...]