High stem, grafted Calibrachoas for Mother’s Day 2018

FunTaStick Calibrachoa – photo: Hishtil

Earlier this year at the California Spring Trials 2017 and the European FlowerTials 2017, Israeli propagator Hishtil already presented high stem, grafted Calibrachoas, which were developed … [Read more...]

Five new ornamental All-America Selections winners

Tagetes patula Super Hero Spry - photo: All-America Selections

All-America Selections (AAS), the US non-profit plant trialing organization, announces eleven new AAS Winners. Each of the following varieties was trialed throughout North America by … [Read more...]

Kiwi berries as the new Mini Superfood

Alexander Zimmermann – photo: Bayerische Landesanstalt für Weinbau und Gartenbau

The Bavarian State Institute for Viticulture and Horticulture (Bayerische Landesanstalt für Weinbau und Gartenbau - LWG) in Germany is testing 75 different varieties of kiwi berries … [Read more...]

Innovert 2017 new plants competition in France: 29 entries

Hydrangea serrata x macrophylla ‘Coumont’ So Long, one of the almost 30 nominees for the Innovert 2017 Gold Medal – photo: Pépinières Renault

For the Innovert competition of trade fair Salon du Végétal 2017 which will be held next week (June 20-22) in Nantes, France 29 new varieties are entered (Category A). In Category B - … [Read more...]

‘Even mail order customers get mulberry plants with fruit’

Morus ‘Matsunaga’ Charlotte Russe - photo: Plantipp

Morus rotundiloba ‘Matsunaga’ Charlotte Russe, a patio mulberry developed in Japan has won this year’s Chelsea Plant of the Year (UK) award [read more]. Plantsman Graham Rice added to the … [Read more...]

New Goji bred by French partnership

Lycium barbarum ‘FPW03’ Princess Tao – photo: Sapho

Pépinières Renault in France submits a new edition of Goji to the Innovert new plants competition of the trade fair Salon du Végétal which will be held June 20-22 in Nantes (F): Lycium … [Read more...]

Variegated pepper with striped fruit Readers’ Choice finalist

Capsicum annuum Candy Cane Red - photo: PanAmerican Seed

The voting for this year’s Readers’ Choice Finalists of US trade magazine Greenhouse Growers is open. It’s up to the reader to decide which variety is picked as the best new introduction in … [Read more...]

Genome sequence helpful to breeding of new apples published

The publication of the apple genome will make it easier to develop new apple varieties that can be eaten by people with a mild apple allergy – image: Wageningen University & Research

A high quality genome sequence of apple is published in this week’s Nature Genetics by an international team of scientists, including researchers of Wageningen University & Research in … [Read more...]

New pot tomatoes conquer European market

Patio tomato Tutti-Frutti F1 Red Berry – photo: Prudac

Dutch breeder Prudac’s portfolio already includes 16 pot tomatoes. Now the company adds to the Do, Re, Mi varieties of the Ponchi line: compact tomato Ponchi-F1 Fa. Fa is described as … [Read more...]

A pepper with striking black and red fruit colour combination

Capsicum annuum Mamba-Red F1 – photo: Fleuroselect

Capsicum annuum Mamba-Red F1 is one of the five candidates for the FleuroStar contest for this year's introduction with the highest visual impact at point of sale: the variety with the Wow … [Read more...]