Winning packaging makes sowing accessible to everybody

Pratic'salad - photo: newPlantsandFlowers

Pratic’salad – photo: newPlantsandFlowers

Pratic’salad won Gold in the category ‘Commercial Plant Innovation’ of the Innovert competition at the this week held French trade fair Salon du Végétal. “An innovative packaging that makes sowing accessible to everybody”, concluded the jury. Upfront this competition Pratic’salad was described as follows: “Solution to succeed by itself, sowing of mixtures of salads to harvest in young shoots for three months. The three individually separable plastic trays provide the right dose of seeds for 1 sq. m/plastic tray and allows to spread the seed on three plots, with one week intervals, while ensuring the optimal conservation of sowing, thanks to the buckwheat shells and its cardboard opening with integrated planter.” Pratic’salad is a product of Vilmorin Jardin.