Why the industry is so obsessed with breeding new plants?

Geranium Rozanne - photo: Blooms of Bressingham

Geranium Rozanne – photo: Blooms of Bressingham

“Why the industry is so obsessed with breeding new plants”, asks Alistair Lorimer from Blooms of Bressingham in an interview with Guus Wijchman (newPlantsand- Flowers). “Before we move away from old plants with proven qualities, it must be worthwhile investigating whether we can offer these plants in different product forms or new concepts.”
Increasing internet sales influence breeders and growers
The interview focuses on the success of Geranium Rozanne. This do-it-all plant was not only announced RHS Chelsea Flower Show Plant of the Centenary, but also changed Bloom of Bressingham’s mind-set when it comes to marketing plants. For many years, the company has been focusing on garden centre sales. Blooms of Bressingham’s new approach to the market will see web-based retailers be prioritised as never before. In the interview he explains how the increasing internet sales might influence both breeders and growers.
Customers want good plants
Lorimer refers in the interview also to the role of series’ in plant sales. “Customers want good plants, not necessarily to collect a good series. Why has the industry been focusing for so long on offering one plant in so many different colours?” Obviously he wants to get people in the industry thinking.
A Dutch version of this interview was recently published in the leading Dutch trade magazine for hardy nursery stock De Boomkwekerij.