Webinar Master Class in Hybridizing Gesneriads

Masterclass GesneriadsThe US-based Gesneriad Society announces its Webinar Master Class in Hybridizing Gesneriads. This is a four-part downloadable program created by the Gesneriad
Society for those looking to get started in Gesneriad hybridizing and for experienced hybridizers to learn how to fine-tune their existing programs. The presenters and their topics are Dr. Jeff Smith, Pat Hancock, Mel Grice, Jeremy Stevens and Karen Allen.
Jeff Smith, a botanist known for his expertise in the Saintpaulia species, speaks on genetics. Dale Martens, the chairperson of the Gesneriad Hybridizers Association and hybridizer of the
Heartland’s, Iced, and Dale’s series of plants, joins Karen Allen, a hybridizer looking to strengthen some of the fantasy characteristics in streptocarpus and the creator of the ‘3S’ series of streptocarpus, speaking about streptocarpus and Jeremy Stevens, a prolific hybridizer working to get more yellow into his sinningias and the creator of the ‘JS’ series of Sinningia, discussing sinningias. Pat Hancock, hybridizer of the variegated violet Buckeye series and owner of Buckeye African Violets, joined by Mel Grice, First Vice President of the Gesneriad Society, discuss saintpaulias.
Some of the other issues discussed include:
• How to get variegation in the foliage
• What to do to increase your odds of getting a fantasy bloom
• When and what to discard
• Setting hybridizing goals and how to increase your odds of getting those results
• Suggested parents when looking for smaller size, scent and variegation
The Master Class is priced at $19.95 for all four sessions. Once you download each webinar, they are yours to keep and view at your leisure, in any order.