Videos with FlowerTrials 2015 novelties online

Flowertrials logoFor those who missed the FlowerTrials 2015 or were not able to visit all participating companies a series of videos presents a selection of the 2016 novelties. All videos are available at the FlowerTrials website. Videos of the following companies can be watched: ABZ Seeds [see example right sidebar], Agriom, Anthura, Beekenkamp Plants, Ernst Benary Samenzucht, Brandkamp, D.H.M. breeding company by Lannes, Dümmen Orange, Evanthia, Floranova, Florist, KP Holland, Lily Looks, Hassinger Orchideeën, HilverdaKooij, Moerheim New Plant, Morel Diffusion, PanAmerican Seed & Kieft Seed, Royal Van Zanten, Sakata, Schoneveld Breeding, Selecta Klemm (the German as well as the Dutch location), Sion, Takii, Van den Bos Flowerbulbs, Volmary en Westhoff.