Unique variety puts begonia back on the map

Begonia 'KRVALPI01' Valentino Pink - photo: Koppe

Begonia ‘KRVALPI01’ Valentino Pink – photo: Koppe

“This unique variety has put the Begonia back on the map”, says Dutch breeder Koppe about Begonia ‘KRVALPI01’ Valentino Pink. “It has a truly remarkable flower with a heart of gold.” Due to the bright colours, this variety livens up any living room, assures the company and mentions the following characteristics of this new variety: a deep pink flower with a big bright yellow heart; at it’s best during spring and summer; it’s not just a beautiful indoor plant but Valentino Pink is also very well suited to be enjoyed outdoors.
This novelty has a limited availability.
Begonia 'KROUTOR01' Florencio Orange - photo: Koppe

Begonia ‘KROUTOR01’ Florencio Orange – photo: Koppe

Begonia breeder Koppe will introduce Valentino Pink at the 2015 FlowerTrials (June 9-12). It will not be the only novelty which will mark this years’ FlowerTrials for Koppe. Also Begonia ‘KROUTOR01’ Florencio Orange will be one of the highlights. “It is an outdoor type with large flowers with a bright orange colour that according to the breeder won’t fade. Florencio Orange has strong branching and will grow to be a big, pendulous plant. Another lovely feature is the fact that you can look the flowers in the eye; they don’t hang down, as is the case with many varieties of Begonia boliviensis.”
“Florencio Orange will bloom until the first frost and will look stunning throughout the season.” Furthermore, this variety is mildew-resistant, promises Koppe.
Begonia 'KRBELLE01' Lima Love - photo: Koppe

Begonia ‘KRBELLE01’ Lima Love – photo: Koppe

Last but not least Koppe introduces a new leaf begonia: Begonia ‘KRBELLE01’ Lima Love. It is described as fresh, new and youthful a ‘fruity’ addition to the Koppe line of leaf begonias, Beleaf. “It’s no surprise that the first reactions of customers have been positive”, states the breeder. ” Lima Love has the following distinctive features: the leaves have a beautiful, fresh lime green colour; good durability; can be placed outside (morning sun and afternoon shade); has very strong branching and will grow to be a full, bushy plant.”