21 new varieties introduced in North American Poinsettia Trials

'Monet Early' (Ecke)

This year, 21 new cultivars were introduced in the North American Poinsettia Trials at Homewood Nursery in Raleigh, NC (USA), report John Dole, Jim Barrett and Wayne Brown in Greenhouse Product News. These cultivars are available in 2012 but not always listed in the breeders catalogues.
The 2012 trials include 13 new red, 2 new white, 3 new pink cultivars. In the category Novelty Cultivars ‘Monet Early’ (Ecke) is mentioned as one of the most important novelties for many years. This updated version of Monet is earlier, more compact and sturdier. The bracts retain their classic appearance with peach coloured bracts liberally spotted with pink that coalesces into a pink margin. ‘Hollystar Red’ (Beekenkamp) has distinctive dark-red, slightly contorted bracts, that are held a bit upright. Most notable and attractive are according to the authors the red cyathia in the center that caught already the attention of a number of growers at the open houses. The creamy white bracts of ‘Saturnus Marble’ (Beekenkamp) have a light-pink blaze down the center. The amount of color contrast is average for a dark-leaf cultivar. ‘Saturnus Twist’ (Beekenkamp) is a charming red novelty with moderately twisted bracts that gives it a distinctive appearance.
The 21 new cultivars are from Beekenkamp, Dümmen, Ecke, Selecta/Ball and Syngenta. The trials are conducted by the University of Guelph, North Carolina State University; and the University of Florida.