TV spots increase awareness of kalanchoe cut flowers

Kalanchoe Queen cut flowers - photo: Knud Jepsen

Kalanchoe Queen cut flowers – photo: Knud Jepsen

This week TV spots about Queen kalanchoe cut flowers will be on the Danish TV2 and Discovery channels. The aim of this campaign is to increase awareness of Queen Cut Flowers and show that Queen bouquets last for at least three weeks. The campaign is made to support in-store sales and is part of our long-term marketing plan.
The TV spot is a time-lapse video of a bouquet, filmed every day for 3 weeks, demonstrating its development and showing that the flowers stay beautiful for minimum 3 weeks. At the end, a pack shot of these cut flowers is shown, to establish consumer recognisability in shops. The TV spot lasts 15 seconds, and 55% of all exposures will take place during prime time.
Queen is a brand of Danish kalanchoe breeder and producer Knud Jepsen. Earlier this year the company made a youtube video showing how to create a Queen bouquet. Although the video is in Danish, it gives a pretty good idea of what can be done with this new cut flower. [see right side bare at CUT FLOWERS page of newPlantsandFlowers]