Santa Barbara, California USA, March 6 2014
Fun and engaging website
As a breeder agency, PlantHaven International is delighted to be connected with newPlantsandFlowers and its owner. The postings are well written and distill the key attributes of the new plants we represent from breeders around the world. Additionally, the owner of the website is a pleasure to work with. The exposure of our new plants on this website is a great boost to the plants, the breeders and our company.
Maureen Needham
Director of PlantHaven International, Inc.

Le Luc-en-Provence, France, February 28, 2014
Double check the news
“A couple a years ago, I was looking as Meilland’s new PR person for information about the horticulture and floriculture business. I found this stream of news during that search. I have to say that by far, newPlantsandFlowers is one of the best! Great, fresh business news written by people from inside the business, and double checked by a great team (always asking us the right questions). I come at least twice a week on this site to see ‘what’s new’ in our business, and I always find unexpected news.”
Matthias Meilland
Public Relation, Meilland International – Rose Breeder

Medan, Indonesia, February 13, 2014
One of my favorites on the internet
After a chance encounter first on the internet and then in person with the man behind newPlantsandFlowers this website has become one of my favorites. My company, a tissue culture laboratory located in Medan, Indonesia (multiplying more than 5 million lily bulbs per year) will soon advertise on this site to attract more business from the breeders showcasing their new products.
Marita Hovers
Owner of PT Tamora Stekindo

Bellefonte, Pensylvania (US), January 23, 2014
Lots of conversations
Thank you for the exposure of our breeding activities on newPlantsandFlowers. It is great, it stimulates lots of conversations, and it is a perfect way for us to build GardenGenetics as a brand without interfering with the efforts of our product licensees.
Rick Grazzini
Breeder at GardenGenetics