Ten rose varieties loose ADR distinction

Rosa Wildfang – one of the older roses of the ten varieties that Noack Rosen withdrew from the ADR-list – photo: Noack RosenTen rose varieties are removed by the German breeder Noack Rosen from the ADR-List. ADR stands for the Allgemeine Deutsche Rosenneuheiten- prüfung (Performance testing of new varieties of roses in Germany). Burkhard Spellerberg who coordinates the ADR-activities answered this on a question about the current mutations of the list asked by Arno Engels, editor of De Boomkwekerij (the leading Dutch trade magazine for hardy nursery stock). In the news post of De Boomkwekerij Spellerberg also mentions that a possible withdrawal of another ten varieties is currently discussed with several other rose breeders.
ADR roses can lose their distinction over time because, for example, they no longer meet the set criteria, or because there are in meantime improved varieties on the market.
The ten withdrawn varieties are Wildfang (1991), Dortmunder Kaiserhain (1994), Windrose (1995), Saremo (1998), Celina (1999), Rotfassade (1999), Simply (2002), Sommerfreude (2004), Getano (2005) and Gateway (2006).