Taspo breeding award for orchid-like Calceolaria

Calceolaria Calynopsis - photo: newPlantsandFlowers

Last week, the ‘green solutions Marketing Award’ from German trade magazine Taspo went to the Calceolaria series Calynopsis, bred by German based Selecta KLemm. The ‘breeding of the year 2012’ is according to the jury an exciting new addition to the market. “This plant does not have much in common with the well-known Lady’s purse, Slipper flower or Pocketbook flower, but reminds with its flat rosette leaves, long flower stems and spectacular, ‘puffy’ flower of an orchid”, quotes Taspo. “Calynopsis varieties continuously produce colourful blooms from February until late in the summer.
Selecta Klemm currently supplies four varieties: Calynopsis ‘Red’, Calynopsis ‘Yellow with Red’, Calynopsis ‘Orange’ and Calynopsis ‘Yellow’. Other varieties are in the pipeline.
The other finalists for the ‘green solutions Marketing Award’ were Ulmus ‘Rebella’ (Eisele, Germany), Viola Cool Wave (Florensis Deutschland), All you need is…Redloves (Lubera, Switzerland) and Rosa Yumi (Poulsen Roser, Denmark).