Sweet potatoes between Symphoni ornamentals

Ipomoea batatas 'Beauregard' - Photo: Floradania

“A new and exciting feature for the vegetable patch or greenhouse. Now you can grow your own sweet potatoes, which despite the name are not actually potatoes, but a twining plant from the bindweed family.” With these words Floradania Marketing, the industry owned marketing company which promotes the sale of Danish pot plants, the Ipomoea batatas ‘Beauregard’ from Gartneri Kortegaard, Årslev. This Danish grower produces plants like Dahlia, Gerbera, Nicotiana, Ficus, Juncus and Plectrathus under the Symphoni brand. “Sweet potatoes love light and heat, and should be placed in a greenhouse or on a patio. They can be harvested after 90-120 days”, Floradania continues.