Special Gesneriads exhibited at Gescon17

Kohleria Kohleria 'Bud's Little Gollum' - photo: The Gesneriad Society

Kohleria Kohleria ‘Bud’s Little Gollum’ – photo: The Gesneriad Society

The July issue of Gleanings, a monthly newsletter from The Gesneriad Society, Inc. in the US includes photos from the Gesneriad Society’s 2017 Convention Flower Show (Gescon17) which was held this month in Omaha, Nebraska (US). Pictured Gesneriads are among others Achimenes ‘Petite Marquis’, Diastema comiferum, Kohleria ‘Bud’s Stacy Lynn’, Kohleria ‘Dale’s Furry Fox’, Primulina ‘Curly Loki’, Primulina guilinensis, Sinningia ‘Country Pink’, Sinningia ‘Dale’s Pink Cockatoo’ and Streptocarpus ‘Dale’s Polar Blizzard’. Best In Show at the Gescon17 was Kohleria ‘Bud’s Little Gollum’, hybridized and grown by Brandon Erickson.
Eighteen videos
Peter Shalit from The Gesneriad Society has produced eighteen videos of this Convention Flower Show 2017 including a video featuring prize winning Kohleria ‘Bud’s Little Gollum’. See also the video four Achimenes and one x Achimenantha varieties, all grown by Brandon Erickson at the right sidebar of the POT PLANTS page of newPlantsandFlowers or search this video and all other Shalit Gescon17 videos at Youtube.