South African indigenous plant becomes Plantarium novelty

Chlorophytum saundersiae 'Starlight' – photo: Plantipp

Chlorophytum saundersiae ‘Starlight’ – photo: Plantipp

Chlorophytum saundersiae ‘Starlight’ is variegated and has sterile, lily-shaped flowers that are white with a yellow stripe. ‘Starlight’ flowers according to royalty management agency Plantipp continually from early summer to winter and can withstand high temperatures. Kientzler Jungpflanzen from Gensingen (Germany) submitted the plant to the novelties showcase of the Dutch trade fair for hardy nursery stock Plantarium 2017 (August 23-26). Dutch grower Hoogeveen Plants markets ‘Starlight’. However, the plant originates from South Africa. It is selected by Ian Lief from Leafs Wholesale Nursery in Durban, Outer West, South Africa. Leafs Wholesale Nursery is described by Lief as a small company doing landscaping and irrigation work for mainly private clients and supplying local retail nurseries and landscapers in the Durban area.
In South Africa indigenous and popular
In South Africa, Chlorophytum saundersiae is an indigenous, popular garden plant and is used extensively by landscape gardeners. “It has a pleasing grass-like appearance making it a good `filler’ in flower beds. It is hardy and gregarious.”
A vibrant grass like texture
On the site of the nursery, Lief refers to “Anthericum ‘Starlight’, also known as Chlorophytum saundersiae ‘variegata’. It is a highly prized plant because it is one of a few variegated plants, indigenous to South Africa. A plant which can be used to lighten dull areas in the shade or sun, create contrasts and focal points, having a vibrant grass like texture, as well as being easy to grow and suited to a wide range of conditions.”
‘Starlight’ is protected by South-African Plant Breeders Rights. In Europe, PBRs are administrated by Plantipp and in the US by Plantipps sister company Concept Plants.
'Starlight' – photo: Plantipp

‘Starlight’ – photo: Plantipp