Sneak preview on ‘groundbreaking rooting technology’

Basewell bare root cuttings - photo: Dümmen Orange

Basewell bare root cuttings – photo: Dümmen Orange

In April 2018 Dümmen Orange already announced the introduction of Basewell as ‘an innovative groundbreaking rooting technology’. This week the company offers a sneak preview on this technology during FlowerTrials 2018 (June 12-15).
Basewell bare-root cuttings feature according to Dümmen Organge advanced root development and no growing media. “This allows Basewell-product to ship to growers from off-shore production locations, ready to transplant directly into the finish container.” Perry Wismans, Global Head of Floriculture Innovation at Dümmen Orange, considers this innovation as the new industry standard for propagation, giving customers around the globe access to an improved supply chain.”
Multiple benefits
Dümmen Organge claims multiple benefits of the Basewell technology for the grower:
• Simplifies processes – The bare-root cutting form allows the grower to order rooted product directly from the production farm, decreasing order lead time and maximizing flexibility in program planning.
• Optimizes space – The grower receives a product that is ready to transplant directly into the finish container. Consequently, more production turns can be completed and expensive propagation space can be converted into profit-generating finish production space.
• Saves labour – Basewell is available in two configurations, including full strips and individual cells that are compatible with automated sticking methods. The individual cells are also suitable for non-automated production, where workers can quickly transplant the product by hand into the finish container.
Basewell technology has been trialled on various annual and perennial crops across North America to evaluate performance against unrooted and rooted cuttings. Results show according to Dümmen Orange that Basewell bare-root cuttings finish in equal or less time than an equivalent rooted cutting.
Available to ship for the 2019 season, growers in North America will have access to a wide range of crops. The technology will be expanded to more products and available in other regions in the coming years. Basewell made its debut to the North American market at the recently held 2018 California Spring Trials (CAST).