Series of edible roses for use in hotels and restaurants

Packshot of edible roses - photo: Incredible Roses.

Packshot of edible roses – photo: Incredible Roses.

Incredible roses , a division of Dutch based nursery Sluiter Ellwoodii has launched a series of edible garden roses which have been specially selected for their flavor. The series is based on genetics from Pheno Geno Roses (Netherlands/Serbia) and De Ruiter Innovations. It includes six edible roses: Incredible Delicate, Incredible Delight, Incredible Spicy, Incredible Exotic, Incredible Lemon and Incredible Sweet. Other flavours will follow.

Managing Director of Incredible Roses, Willianne Sluiter selects and grows the roses. She told to Editor Arno Engels from the leading Dutch trade magazine for hardy nursery stock De Boomkwekerij: “These are beautiful scented roses that chefs from restaurants can use for their natural flavors.”

The newborn company has its own website (in Dutch).