Send us your novelties

Tell us, we tell the world
Please inform us about your novelties. If you tell us, we will tell the world. Keyword in the information should be ‘availability’. We refer to what many visitors say when they see a new variety on trade shows: “Yes, it’s new and adorable, but is it also available.” We know that many varieties are available long after the introduction. Be clear about what, when and where professionals can expect seed, (un)rooted cuttings, young plants, finished plants or cut flowers. And please keep us updated when new markets or new continents will be conquered, as newPlantsandFlowers is a global source of information about the renewal of the assortment. Each stage of the introduction can be of interest to our readers.

Instructions for sending us information
The information you mail to us, should preferably include:
– A short description of the new variety, possibly with a few details as regards the breeding/selection process
– The name of the breeder/winner
– New to which market/which country/which continent
– Availability (nature of the product)
– If applicable the name(s) of the royalty management agency/agencies
– A high res picture of the novelty (1 to 2 MB will be fine) and possibly some additional pictures of its application, added value or details.

Free of charge
Just to avoid any misunderstanding: the publication of information on novelties or any other related news on is free of charge, now and in the future. Please, whenever you have questions, ask us: