‘Science is also beneficial for floriculture’

Prof. dr. Michel Haring - Photo: newPlantsandFlowers

How to connect science to floricultural innovation? With this question prof. dr. Michel Haring of the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, opened a breakfast meeting of the Dutch foundation Blooming Breeders, on May 15. “We have so much knowledge. We want to make that knowledge accessible to the floriculture”, he underscored. Haring also emphasized that due to all the new techniques which scientists developed recently, breeding processes take fare less time than in former days. He was not the only one at this meeting who referred to the high costs of these techniques. In the past, these costs were so high that they only were applicable in agricultural breeding. Nowadays, floriculture can also benefit from high tech developments, as these techniques are getting within reach of floricultural breeding companies. “Especially when breeding can be speeded up so much”, was one of the take-home messages of the Blooming Breeders meeting.

Prof. dr. Michel Haring (left) informs breeders about the challenges science has to offer to floriculture - Photo: newPlantsandFlowers