Roses with ruffled petals for high-end of the market

Rosa Show Flow – photo: Interplant

Rosa Show Flow – photo: Interplant

Dutch rose breeder Interplant introduces a new series of roses with ruffled petals. It took the company thousands of crossings and 25 years of experimenting, to succeed in creating this new type of rose family that goes according to Interplant beyond the traditional rose. The name of the new series is The Flows. This name should allude to the “very special and unique flower shape with ruffled petals and refers to the impression of flowing movement as the bloom matures.”
“In the process of opening up in the vase, the Flows display particular and unique ruffled petal shapes, which symbolize the ups and downs to which every life is subjected and which are expressed by our emotions. Once fully opened up, the blooms create a surprising expression, with varying shapes and colour contrasts from petal to petal.”
“In the well-established tradition of the rose, the Flows dramatically express different emotions, such as affection, positivity, joy and pleasure. The new Flow Roses are otherworldly and, we believe, close to reaching the apex of breeding creativity, varietal exclusivity and artwork”, explains Interplant in a press release. “A long vase life gives consumers the opportunity to enjoy this product for many days.”
The Flows will be positioned as a high-end product and will be offered in a wide range of shapes and colours.
The series currently includes:
Candy Flow
Charming Flow
Fair Flow
Ice Flow
Ivory Flow
Show Flow
Sweet Flow
More colours and more shapes
Interplant’s breeding program should stand for: Vision, Innovation and Growth. “We are just at the beginning of this exciting new program and look forward to providing the international market with more colours and more shapes”, states the company.
Rosa Charming Flow - photo: Interplant

Rosa Charming Flow – photo: Interplant

Rosa Sweet Flow - photo: Interplant

Rosa Sweet Flow – photo: Interplant