Rosa Babylon Eyes series gets gold at French show


In February, the jury of the 2012 Innovert competition of the French trade fair Salon du Végétal in Angers awarded in February the Rosa Babylon Eyes series, including Sunshine, Pastel, Coral and Queen. Pépinières Minier from Beaufort en Vallée and Cerdys SA from Clisson received the Gold Medal for these four roses. Sunshine ‘Intereybabnus’ has pink to orange petals, red and yellow centre, Pastel ‘Intereybabsap’ has pastel yellow petals and a bright red centre, Coral ‘Intereybabroc’ has coral pink to yellow petals, yellow and a red centre and Queen ‘Intereybabeuq’ has petals in various shades of pink and a fuchsia centre.
Borne of the Rosa persica, these roses have genes that make it tolerant of dryness and cold. Compact, robust and very low-maintenance rose bushes.