Ready market for early birds among new varieties

Graham Spencer - photo: Plants for Europe

Graham Spencer – photo: Plants for Europe

“People are looking for things that flower early. There is not a great deal that’s looking colourful early in the year. There’s a ready market there and that’s one area for breeders to look at”, answers Graham Spencer from Plants for Europe in an interview with Jonathan Tilley, editor of UK trade magazine Horticulture Week. Tilley asked Spencer about the big breeding developments at the moment. He memorized how the steady improvement of varieties has transformed plants. “If you compare plants in 2013 with the 2011 varieties, there is not much difference. But if you compare them with plants from the 1990s, the difference is enormous. It’s about improving the product and rewarding breeders so garden centres and landscapers have a better product.”
Spencer runs royalty management agency Plants for Europe in the UK since 2003.