PT Tamora Stekindo links up with Dalat Hasfarm

stekindoPT Tamora Stekindo, which was started twenty years ago by Marita Hovers in Medan, Indonesia, has been acquired in an agreed partnership by PT Flora Swarnadwipa Indah (PT Flora SI) and Agripacific Holdings. Stekindo is a tissue culture company serving clients in Holland and many other countries around the world. Agripacific owns extensive flower production facilities in Vietnam through Dalat Hasfarm and in China through Kunming Hasfarm. PT Flora SI is a Jakarta-based company experienced in flower trade and production.
The purpose of the merger is to give Stekindo the capital and infrastructure required to grow its business in Indonesia and the rest of Asia. Agripacific knows according to Hovers the business well. The company runs large young plant facilities in Vietnam and China. The principals at PT Flora SI have experience in flower production in Indonesia and own Bromelia, one of the most successful flower distribution companies in Jakarta. “Stekindo is joining an experienced group who can help Stekindo develop in Asia and Europe and build its business in Medan”, says Hovers.
Expand multiplication services to breeders and growers
The merger helps Stekindo to continue to expand the multiplication services to breeders and growers and to establish new greenhouses to harden some of the micro-cuttings the company produces. Stekindo will also expand its business into cut flower production in Indonesia financed by PT Flora SI and Agripacific, using Agripacific’s management know-how.
‘Same name; same business; same team’
PT Tamora Stekindo is changing shareholders but otherwise remains exactly the same as before: same name; same business; same team of professionals; same emphasis on looking after its clients. Hovers is continuing as Managing Director of Stekindo. The company is recruiting a new team to run the flower production, while Hovers will continue to manage the tissue culture business. Aad Gordijn, the General Director of Dalat Hasfarm and Chairman of Kunming Hasfarm, will join her on the board of Stekindo. Frank Scholten has joined Stekindo as the Sales & Marketing Manager, Andrew Brevoort as the new Operations Manager.