Proven varieties for mini poinsettias

Christmas Eve

Mini poinsettia for pot sizes 6-8 cm meet the current trend, memorizes German breeder Selecta Klemm in the February 2012 newsletter. The breeder states: “It has been discussed for many years which is the best variety to produce mini poinsettia. The finished product has to look good to consumers. Nevertheless, producers are taking the decision for the right variety. Main issues are homogeneity, low PGR requirements, a uniform shape and a nice colouring of the mini bracts for early sales starting end of October.  Very promising concerning these criteria is the Selecta variety Christmas Eve which mainly has been cultivated in countries like Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. The bracts are hardly sensitive to Botrytis and stable. The Christmas Eve minis are easy to pack away and bag. Consumers like especially the beautiful colour. A perfect product for producers, retailers and consumers.

Alternatively, Christmas Beauty and Christmas Feelings fit very well for the production as minis. Christmas Feelings is the most-cultivated variety in the Netherlands. Dutch producers appreciate the good sales characteristics. Slightly more demanding is the cultivation of Christmas Beauty with its modern bract shape with upright bract leaves. Christmas Beauty, as the name suggests, is a raving beauty and has been achieving highest ratings by consumers. When cultivating Christmas Beauty you should avoid cold feet as this variety is a bit more sensitive.”