ProVar wants to attract breeders from abroad

John Hedger

“We are trying to attract more breeder members and get as much new material as we can into ProVaR”, tells John Hedger in an interview with Jonathan Tilley of the English trade magazine Horticulture Week. He is chairman of Protected Varieties Ltd (ProVaR) in Knaphil, Woking, UK, a company which has been set up to increase levels of awareness in new ornamental plants, and also administrates the royalty management for the current 18 breeders. ProVar is particularly keen on new European and foreign breeders, who will increase the range of plants in the UK. “The promotion of plants is very important. At events such as the National Plant Show, all of the nurseries in the UK have the chance to see the varieties on the ProVaR stand.”
On the question why new plants are so important, Hedger answers: “The first thing people ask is what is new. It’s important we have good existing favourites, and Plant Breeders Rights last for 25 years. New plants don’t have to be different, but they need to be improvements on existing varieties. They might be smaller, more compact, free flowering or have less loss during the production process. It is all under pressure from price.”