Plug & Play is PanAmericans answer on ‘ready to enjoy’ demand

Calibrachoa Paradise Island Fuseables - photo: PanAmerican Seed

Calibrachoa Paradise Island Fuseables – photo: PanAmerican Seed

“Today’s shopper is looking for attractive, easy and long lasting mixes, ‘ready to enjoy’ products. Our Plug & Play program is just what a grower needs to grow and sell combos with complete confidence”, claims PanAmerican Seed in its latest newsletter. The Plug & Play program offers growers many choices in two different approaches of doing the mixes:
• Growers can use PanAmerican Seed Fuseables ‘easy-sow, easy-grow’ Precision Multi Pellet, that offer the unique combo program from a single pellet
• Or growers can make combos from seed raised products like with vegetative items, among three categories:
– Plug & Play Combo with Wave Petunias
– Plug & Play Combo with Premium annuals
– Plug & Play Combo with Perennials
“All of them are done only from seed and have been tested and proved for growers, retailers and consumers’ satisfaction”, assures PanAmerican Seed. Examples of these combos can be found in the Plug & Play section of the PanAmerican Seed & Kieft Seed New Varieties 2018 Catalog. These examples show that Plug & Play combos not only are based on mixes of annuals or perennials, but also can include both veggies and ornamental plants.
Combos of veggies and ornamental plants
Plug & Play Lunchdate and Foodie Blues - photo: PanAmerican Seed

Plug & Play Lunchdate and Foodie Blues – photo: PanAmerican Seed

All these veggie/ornmental combos have appetizing names like: Lunchdate (Patio Baby Eggplant, SimplyHerbs ‘Try Basil’ & Bonanza Yellow French Marigold), Foodie Blues (Patio Baby Eggplant, Dolce Fresca Basil & Petunia Combo Blue), Cantina Heat (Sweet Heat Pepper, Petunia Combo Blue & Bonanza Yellow French Marigold) and Italian Bistro (Little Napoli Tomato, SimplyHerbs Curled Parseley & Easy Wave Red Velour Petunia). Recommended pot size for these combos is 12in./30 cm.
Fuseables are precursors on combo market
Actually Fuseables have been on the market already a number of years. PanAmerican Seed introduced this line of multi-pelleted seed that delivers a more natural-looking mix of plants that grow well together, for instance at the California Spring Trials in 2010. Now the Fuseables concept is part of the newly launched Plug & Play program. Plug & Play Calibrachoa Paradise Island [pictured above] is based on the Fuseable technique.