Plantarium 2018 and GROEN-Direkt under the same roof

Dutch trade fair for hardy nursery stock Plantarium 2018 and the Autumn Fair of GROEN-Direkt join physically in 2018. Plantarium will take place August 22-24 in the hall adjacent to GROEN-Direkt’s Autumn Fair. So there will be two trade fairs under the same roof. This also means that Plantarium 2018 will now last for three days instead of four days.
GROEN-Direkt positions itself as the largest green market in Europe, bringing together the supply of and demand for garden plants and houseplants. “Thirty times a year GROEN-Direkt presents the latest range of plants from hundreds of growers at its trade fairs.” Themed editions are in 2018: Spring Fair (February 6 and 7), Spring Days (April 9 and 10), Mid-Season Days (May 28 and 29), Autumn Fair (August 22-24) simultaneously with Plantarium 2018, and Christmas-Winter Fair (November 6).
Judging novelties throughout the year
In the Plantarium 2018 press release the oprganizers also memorize that this trade fair for hardy nursery stock often is associated with novelties. “Because the judging at Plantarium in August is time-related, only a part of all the plants achieve high scores. By holding showcases for woody plants and perennials in February (spring), June (summer) and August (autumn), more plants will be able to benefit from the brand name Plantarium. The possibilities are being investigated together with the KVBC (Royal Boskoop Horticultural Society).