‘Pineapple looks great in a large pot on a patio’

Ananas (pineapple plant) - photo: Waterdrinker

Ananas (pineapple plant) – photo: Waterdrinker

“Ananas (pineapple plant) has several favourable characteristics”, states Dutch wholesale company Waterdrinker in a newsletter. “At night it releases oxygen as a result of which you wake better rested, for example, and the scent apparently relaxes (opens) the airways. Which can help prevent snoring.” Ed Mol, Purchasing Coordinator Special Plants at Waterdrinker adds: “The pineapple plant is on trend. That’s good news for fans because the plant has now been developed to be suitable for growing outdoors. Looks great in a large pot on a patio.”
Breeding ground for the latest varieties
Mol also notes that the Cash & Carry of Waterdrinker is often considered a breeding ground for the latest varieties. “Indeed, we are always looking for new, unusual and forgotten plants. Our latest introductions can be found in the Novelties & Specialties plaza and in inspirational presentations in the Cash & Carry. There is something unique about all of these plants, each with a story of their own”, memorizes the Purchasing Coordinator and mentions the purifying quality of many plants as an example. Ananas is one of these plants. “In order to realize the concept of purifying plants our flower and plant buyers maintain continuous contact with growers and breeders.”