Petunia ‘Phantom’ Best UK Bedding Plant 2012

The Grower of the Year Award 2012 in the category ‘Best New Variety – Bedding Plants’ went to Petunia ‘Phantom’ from

Petunia 'Phantom'Helianthus ‘Waooh!’

breeder Ball Colegrave. Helianthus ‘Waooh!’ of Suttons Seeds was highly commended. The yearly UK Grower of the Year event is an initiative of the trade magazine Horticulture Week. The award for the best variety is for the plant that, in the opinion of the judges, most effectively demonstrates excellence in its intended attributes: these could include, but are not limited to, flower longevity, pest/disease resistance, weather tolerance, landscaping qualities, retail appeal, consumer need, ease of cultivation, etc.

Helianthus ‘Waooh!’