Perceived understanding of mixed containers

“What’s your definition of a good mixed container”, asks Melhem Sawaya from Focus Greenhouse Management in the December 2012 issue of trade magazine Greenhouse Canada. He summarizes some perceived understanding of mixed containers. Reasons to make a mixed container can according to Sawaya be:
o Making use of leftover liners
o Sticking a couple of trailers in hanging baskets in the week of shipping
o Seeing a picture in a magazine for decks and patios
o Utilizing a favourite cultivar and anything goes with it
o Having a surplus of a cultivar and combining it with other cultivars
“For me, it’s a group of three to four varieties that look better in a combination than they do in their own”, he states clearly in Greenhouse Canada. In a two page article he provides answers on questions as ‘Are your combos profitable?’ and ‘Are their sales strong and growing, your cost under control ad your prices outpacing rising costs?’
Focus Greenhouse Management is a horticultural consulting agency in Simcoe, Ontario.