Parents of Princess of Infinity cute rose and potted rose

Rosa Princess of Infinity - photo: Floradania

Princess of Infinity is a new rose‐coloured Infinity, introduced by breeding company Roses Forever of Rosa and Harley Eskelund in Denmark. With Infinity series, Roses Forever aims to presents something unique in potted roses. “Infinity has large, well-shaped flowers (7 cm in diameter) and very powerful growth, as well as extremely long durability for each flower, which lasts for five weeks or more. The leaves are dark and extra thick, so they help to prevent evaporation and drying out. It has a light rose scent.”
Infinity was developed by cross-pollinating potted roses with long-lasting cut roses. The extra-long durability and thick foliage come from the cut rose, the compact and dense growth from the potted rose. The first Infinity is creamy white and won the Floradania Innovation Award 2012 for Indoor Plants. Princess of Infinity is now nominated for the same category in 2013. However, this potted rose is also suitable for planting out in pots and beds. The plant is winter-hardy.

Rosa Infinity - Photo: Floradania