Outside capital gives Van den Bos new opportunities

Hans Kleijwegt and Sander van Woerden 'full steam ahead' with Van den Bos Flowerbulbs - photo: Van den Bos

Hans Kleijwegt and Sander van Woerden ‘full steam ahead’ with Van den Bos Flowerbulbs – photo: Van den Bos

Van den Bos Flowerbulbs, a Dutch based specialist supplier of lilies, freesia’s and calla’s for professional flower and pot plant producers, wants to remain the top flower bulb producer worldwide. According to the company, it needs to keep up the momentum to continue to develop and to go forward. This week, Van Den Bos signed, therefore, an agreement with Foreman Capital. Foreman Capital will become majority shareholder at Van den Bos.
More than seventy years
Van den Bos has been active in the flower bulb sector for more than seventy years. “We are a solid company and we want to continue to grow so that we can keep supplying the best Lily, Freesia and Calla bulbs. Now, with the investment from Foreman Capital and the ways in which we are actively collaborating to develop new opportunities, we have set course to new and sunny horizons” says Hans Kleijwegt, CEO, of Van den Bos Holding in a press release. These new opportunities include product innovation in the lily, freesia and calla lines of the company, both in Netherlands and abroad.
In the same press release, Sander van Woerden says on behalf of Foreman Capital that Van den Bos is active in a sector where the Netherlands are global market leaders. “A position of which our country can be justly proud.” Foreman Capital offers intellectual and capital support to established and well-run companies with whom we can work together on a firm foundation of trust and integrity to deliver far-reaching ambitions.