‘One of the rare white variegated Ceanothus varieties’

Ceanothus 'Huico02' Cool Blue – photo: Plantipp

Ceanothus ‘Huico02’ Cool Blue – photo: Plantipp

‘Huico02’ Cool Blue is one of the novelties which are submitted to the new plants competition Innovert from the French trade fair Salon du Végétal (June 19-21). It is an entry from French nursery de Kervren. This mutation of Ceanothus thyrsiflorus ‘Skylark’ with silvery, variegated foliage and dark blue flowers was selected by Dutch nursery Huisman. In 2015 Cool Blue won already a Gold Medal of the novelties competition of the Dutch trade fair for hardy nursery stock Plantarium.
In the Innovert documentation Cool Blue is described as follows: “Its persistent foliage provides an attractive frame for the blue flowers that appear between April and May and even in the Autumn sometimes. This Ceanothus thrives in the sun and can be readily planted in tubs, pots or in beds in combination with other species to create an elegant display. One of the rare white variegated Ceanothus varieties, radiant, suitable for neighborhood gardens, balconies and terraces. It is a hardy variety, withstanding temperatures as low as -10 °C.”
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