‘Obelisk’ combines positive qualities of two Fargesia species

Fargesia 'Obelisk' – photo: Breederplants

Fargesia ‘Obelisk’ – photo: Breederplants

Fargesia ‘Obelisk’ has a vigorous, upright and pillar-shaped habit and reaches a height of around 4 to 5 metres. The growth habit is reminiscent of an obelisk. The ornamental value is partly provided by the large, slightly tinted bracts, which remain easily visible all year round as the plant has a narrow base.
This hybrid should be much more evergreen than the previous generation of Fargesia nitida ‘Nymphenburg’ and requires a sunny location. “Fargesia ‘Obelisk’ has all the positive qualities of nitida and murieliae, is not invasive and is extremely winter-hardy (down to -25 °C)”, claims Dutch royalty management agency Breederplants which entered ‘Obelisk’ into the plant novelties competition of the Dutch trade fair for hardy stock Plantarium 2015 (August 26-29). It was selected by Hans Verweij from bamboo and ornamental grass nursery Grassenerf in Boskoop (Netherlands). It is being brought onto the market by nursery Aad Vermeer from Haaren (Netherlands).