Non-invasive buddlejas conquer the world

Buddleja Argus White - photo: Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research

In 2013 Buddleja Argus from the Belgium Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research (ILVO) will be introduced on the US market. According to Johan Van Huylenbroeck, scientific director of this Flemish research institute Argus will also be produced in Germany. In Belgium these Buddlejas are grown by BEST-select, a group of 22 Flemish nurseries that aim to introduce novelties of high quality in the ornamental plant industry. Buddleja Argus White stands out because of its upright white panicles. This Buddleja was selected towards an almost sterile cultivar, which means it does not spread any undesired seeds. This means this new Buddleja is non-invasive.
Argus White has a compact growth habit and depending on pruning, it grows up to 1m to 1.3 m high. Closely related Buddleja Argus Velvet comes from the same institute but grows a little higher and is non-invasive as well.
In Belgium, traditional Buddlejas are considered potentially invasive plants. This year Belgium chain garden stores from AVEVE did run a campaign with Argus buddlejas, emphasizing their non-invasive character. Van Huylenbroeck calls this campaign a huge success.
Last year Buddleja Argus White brought home a Bronze Florall Award for Variety & Concept of the Belgium trade fair Florall.

Buddleja Argus Velvet - photo: ILVO