New techniques in Anthurium and Phalaenopsis breeding

Heleen Bastiaanssen - photo: Anthura

Heleen Bastiaanssen – photo: Anthura

In Anthura Unlimited, the first digital magazine of Dutch Anthurium and Phalaenopsis breeder Anthura Breeding Manager Heleen Bastiaanssen (51) explains how the focus of the company is constantly 10 years ahead. She looks beyond the individual breeding programmes per product group. The boundary between the practical breeding and research intrigues her in a particular way.
‘Breeding faster and smarter’
“The breeding duration of a new variety is above-average long, often eight to nine years, but with the application of modern research methods we are able to breed increasingly faster and smarter. We consciously establish contacts with external research parties and support our breeders with new techniques.”
One colour purple can arise out of several pigment combinations. The external characteristic, the colour purple, is one phenotype that can be caused by different genotypes (different genes).
Creating DNA maps
The complexity of developing the ideal Anthurium or Orchid is according to Bastiaanssen great. Anthura wants to make the variation more easily comprehensible and therefore she creates DNA maps. Heleen is very excited about the steps that can still be made in the breeding of flowers and plants.
‘Colourful developments’ and ‘Eye-catching Novelties’
This first digital edition of Anthura Unlimited, which should be an informative and richly-illustrated online magazine for specialists in the horticultural sector Anthura provides information about the company’s focus on sustainable energy management of its production, and on the importance of multidisciplinary knowledge in order to provide the market with pragmatic solutions. Other articles in this edition are ‘Colourful developments’, ‘Topline Assortment’, ‘Eye-catching Novelties’ and ‘Garden Orchids’.