New supplement to colour shade of clematis

Clematis ‘Evipo079’ Nubia - photo: Poulsen Roser

Clematis ‘Evipo079’ Nubia – photo: Poulsen Roser

“Clematis ‘Evipo079’ Nubia have been unlike other varieties remounted and blooms continuously throughout the summer period”, states Floradania in occasion of the announcement of the Floradania Innovation Award 2014 nominees. This industry owned marketing organisation for Danish pot plants notes that the colour of Nubia is a new supplement to the colour shade of clematis. “It is very easy to take care of and Poulsen Roser guarantees that the end user will have lots of success in taking care of it.”
Easy to handle in production
It also should be easier to handle in the production than other varieties of clematis as it can be regulated with light and heat like all Boulevard varieties. Poulsen Roser markets Nubia as part of this Boulevard Collection. The collection includes according to the company compact, medium-sized clematis’ with repeat flowering from early spring to late summer. “These clematis’ flower evenly from the very bottom of the plant, not just at the top. They are healthy, winter-hardy and easy to grow. Boulevard clematis’ can be placed indoors as flowering house plants before they are planted outdoors.” The same goes for another clematis from Poulsen Roser which is nominated for the Floradania Innovation Award 2014. However, Clematis ‘Evipo069’ Tekla can be found in the list of Indoor Plants nominees. All award winners will be announced on the first day of the horticultural trade fair IPM 2014, which will be held from January 28-31 in Essen (Germany).
Scheduling flower period
In the Floradania Innovation Award 2014 description is also emphasized that the half-finished Nubias which are used as end products can be stored in cool surroundings and thereby be scheduled to bloom to a certain time of sales. “As it is more dense than other varieties of clematis it requires less stalking which – again – saves time in the production. This reduces waste in each production.”
The sales season for Nubia is from March to October. The new cultivar will be available from Spring 2014.