New Sinningia speciose hybrids

Sinningia 'Rock Royalty' (flower) – photo: Jay Sespico

Sinningia ‘Rock Royalty’ (flower) – photo: Jay Sespico

Every now and then The Gesneriad Society in the US focuses in its monthly newsletter Gleanings on the breeding activities of one of their members. Last month the society puts the ‘New Sinningia speciose hybrids’ from by Jay Sespico into the limelight. His Sinningia ‘Rock Royalty’ is one of his earliest hybrids. “But after all this time, I still like it”, he says in Gleanings. “Just like an antique car, the slipper-shaped flower gives the plant a retro effect, while the Sinningia ‘Bristol’s Good Morning’ parent has added extra petals beyond the usual five it should normally have. What the plant lacks in number of flowers, it more than makes up for in size. These features cause the plant to make a strong statement. The deep purple color makes me think of royalty and thus the name, Sinningia ‘Rock Royalty’.”

Flowers are almost as wide as the pot
Sinningia 'Rock Futures' – photo: Jay SespicoOne of his latest hybrids is Sinningia ‘Rock Futures’. It has according to Sespico white flowers that are marked with pink shading and dots. The petals have smaller dots towards the outside of the flower surrounded by a pencil thin white edge.

'Rock Futures'  – photo: Jay Sespico

‘Rock Futures’ – photo: Jay Sespico

“This plant is growing in a five-inch pot and the flowers are almost as wide. The foliage is not as tidy, and the venation is not as pronounced as I would like. I’m thinking with a little more work, I might have something really nice”, he expects.

A really dark Sinningia
Sinningia 'Rock Loves Maria' – photo: Jay Sespico

Sinningia ‘Rock Loves Maria’ – photo: Jay Sespico

Sinningia ‘Rock Loves Maria’ is named after his late niece, Maria Hart-Crow. “Her favorite color was red. She had a favorite dress she used to wear that was almost as dark and vibrant as this flower. The peloric flowers are over three and a half inches and very dark red.” Sespico took this picture in the sunlight so people can see that the plant is really as dark as it shows in the photo. Sinningia ‘Rock Loves Maria’ is one of his latest registrations.