New, available-only-from-Hawaii plants needed

Orchid Growers of Hawai'i“Hawaii orchid growers can’t compete against international producers who can grow a million orchid plugs in one greenhouse. Instead, the key to Hawaii growers’ success will be a combination of plant hybridization to make new, available-only-from-Hawaii plants and marketing to make clear the high quality and uniqueness of Hawaii-grown orchids”, says Elton Mow, president of the Orchid Growers Association of Hawaii to editor Jeff Hansel from the Hawaii Tribune-Herald. Hansel’s article ‘International competition and retirements are decreasing the number of commercial orchid growers in Hawaii’ Mow shows his concerns for the commercial orchid growers. “Not in the next few years, but in the next decade”, he adds to his comments.
China, South Korea and Costa Rica to follow Taiwan
Jeffrey Newman, the owner of Newman’s Nursery Inc., says in the same article that the United States Department of Agriculture’s approval of additional orchid imports to the US in March 2016 has opened a flood of shipments from countries like Taiwan. “They’re just shipping them in containers to the mainland.”
Originally, only one type of orchid had approval for import from Taiwan. But Newman believes many more approvals are on the horizon and adds that China, South Korea and Costa Rica are preparing to follow Taiwan’s lead in the orchid market, creating even more competition for Hawaii growers.
Out-compete Hawaii by doing the same things
When Mow suggests that identifying orchids as high quality and hybridizing new varieties of orchids which are not available elsewhere have potential to reward Hawaii growers financially, he warns at the same time that doing this is also risky, because international growers might out-compete Hawaii by doing the same things.