National Garden Bureau promotes this year sixty new varieties

Echinacea 'Aloha'

The National Garden Bureau in the US ( lists about 60 new ornamental varieties on its website, among them Echinacea ‘Aloha’. This Echinacea bred by Terra Nova Nurseries, has wide, melon-yellow petals surrounding an orange cone, a blend of colours that can lend some tropical flair to your garden. The fragrant, 4 1/2 inch wide flowers are borne on 2 1/2 foot tall and wide plants from summer to frost and will not only delight your eyes but attract bees and butterflies, even feed the birds if you let some blossoms go to seed at the end of the season.

Member companies of the National Garden Bureau provide these new varieties. They are available in e-commerce websites, mail order catalogues, or retail stores.