‘Meeting the needs of greens consumers’

'Meeting the needs of green consumers' - photo: Royal FloraHolland

‘Meeting the needs of green consumers’ – photo: Royal FloraHolland

“Waterdrinker has a reputation of being a cradle of new and special varieties and innovative concepts. The company strives for everyone to have a pleasant and healthy environment with flowers and plants”, states Dutch auction Royal FloraHolland in a press release, titled ‘Meeting the needs of green consumers’. The auction works within the so-called Green Agenda program together with Waterdrinker, among others. The program tries to find practical applications of what is known about the benefits of green. Waterdrinker positions itself as one of the largest players in the international market for ornamental plant cultivation as a wholesaler and leading exporter of flowers and plants.
‘Clean-air alarm’ and ‘Happy Healthy Greenness’
Royal FloraHolland quotes in the press release Selma van der Beek, marketing manager at Waterdrinker, saying: “Consumers like green plants. We’re constantly busy trying to meet their needs. Many people know little about the beneficial effects of green plants. That is why these benefits are woven into Waterdrinker’s themes and campaigns, aimed at a variety of target groups. Take for instance last year’s florists campaign ‘Clean-air alarm’. And this year’s ‘Happy Healthy Greenness’, that creatively draws the public’s attention to the beneficial traits of plants. By sending out this message, you reach a new target audience. Some florists nearly doubled their plant sales, we can conclude from the data they shared with us.”
Green plants are not just a trend
Project manager marketing communication Melanie Hubers from Waterdrinker adds that florists love it. “They can tell clients in their shop about those health benefits. It’s really about repositioning the plant. Green plants are popular and pop up ever more often in all kinds of media. They’re more than just a trend. Plants really have become a lifestyle, it’s impossible to imagine our houses and offices without them.
Stories behind the plant must be told
Melanie states in the press release that the story behind the plant, and behind the grower, must be told. “Every plant has a story; an inspiring and interesting one. That’s the story we want to tell in our cash and carry and our Green Trade Center (opens up in early 2018), where we bring clients and the grower even closer together. Here, the grower will get plenty of room to tell his own story, during meet-and-greet sessions, for instance.” Selma adds that growers also will get the opportunity in the Green Trade Center to set up an in-store shop, using their own company name.
Sharing green knowledge
The Green Agenda program tries to find practical applications of what we know about the benefits of green. “To achieve this, we work together with several parties, such as scientists. There still is much unawareness and ignorance, so it’s important to share all we know, within and outside of the sector”, Selma van der Beek states.
Showcase for newcomers
GTC Design Box – image: Waterdrinker

GTC Design Box – image: Waterdrinker

In an own press release, Waterdrinker draws the attention on one of the highlights of the Green Trade Center (GTC). This centre – also known as the House of the Grower – is according to Waterdrinker about to become the largest purchasing centre and meeting place for professionals from all over Europe. The clock on the Green Trade Center website counts down to the grand opening. From today on there are only 88 days to go.
As the new highlight Waterdrinker mentions the GTC Design Box, a showcase for young designers. It will be a place where they can present their fresh, innovative ideas for plants. But for other fields, as well, such as arts and crafts, photography and interior design, the GTC Design Box is meant as the spot to present new products or ones still under development. “With the GTC one can see exactly what excites young designers, bloggers and creative entrepreneurs right now.”