Lo & Behold: a new vision on Buddleia

Buddleia Lo & Behold 'Blue Chip' - Photo: Proven Winners

“While Steve Jobs had the vision for the iphone, Dr. Dennis Werner had a vision for a new and breed of Buddleia”, says Englishman Tim Wood in his newsletter The Plant Hunter. “He called his vision Lo & Behold – a brightly colored series of dwarf butterfly bush and just like the iPhone the vision is reality. To the casual observer the iPhone and the Lo & Behold series seemed to be overnight success stories, but both inventions took years of testing, trialing and hard work to create. Greatness takes time, but in the end it’s worth the wait; both inventions are now praised by critics for their award winning low profile and superior aesthetics.”
“But there are also many differences between the iPhone and Lo & Behold butterfly bushes. Unlike the iPhone which has been criticized for containing dangerous chemicals, the Lo & Behold series is an environmentally friendly series of seedless selections that are non-invasive. These plants will not hurt the environment. Unlike the iPhone which is produced in China, Lo & Behold is grown locally.”