Lavender coloured cut hydrangea

Hydrangea Royal Benefit - photo: Hydrangea Breeders Association

Hydrangea Royal Benefit – photo: Hydrangea Breeders Association

Royal Benefit is the newest addition to the last year introduced Royal series, bred by the Hydrangea Breeders Association. The new variety is lavender coloured. The ‘classic’ version which is cut later after a period of aging turns from soft grey to green with a red rim. This cut flower hydrangea has according to the breeder strong healthy leaves and an attractive large bloom. The Royal series are pruning varieties, suitable for both heated and non-heated cultivation. The series includes Royal Navy ‘Hbanavy’, Royal Navy classic, Royal Curly ‘Hbaroyalc’, Royal Curly classic, Royal Grace ‘Hbaroygrac’, Royal Surprise ‘Hbaroysur’, Royal Lipstick, Royal Lipstick classic and Royal Surprise classic ‘Hbaroysur’.
Royal Benefit and Royal Benefit classic will be available again from spring 2016. Dutch hortensia growers Vollering and Tom de Bruijn supply these cut flowers.
Hydrangea Breeders Association is a joint venture between Dutch based breeder Agriom and German growers Knötterheinrich and Heuger.