Landgard Order Days present about forty novelties

Landgard Ordertage - photo: Landgard

The novelties area of the upcoming Landgard Ordertage (January 21–22) in Herongen (Germany) will include approximately forty new trees, shrubs, perennials and edibles. These so-called Order Days will be partly at the same time as the international horticultural trade fair IPM 2013 (January 22–25) in Essen (Germany). Landgard is Germany’s leading marketing organisation in the plant and produce sector and is 100% owned by producers of potted plants, cut flowers, fruit and vegetables.
Some of the about forty novelties are brand new. Others are introduced before on earlier held trade fairs, but will be shown for the first time on these Landgard Order Days. In January 2013 the novelties area will host:
o Prunus ‘Alicecol’- nursery Jäger, Ladenburg (Germany)
o Fragaria ‘Gianna’, ‘Lilly’ and ‘Stella’ – nursery Velmans
o Rosa x Châteaux de Provence – nursery BKN Strobel
o Mentha arvensis x spicata – nursery Blu-Blumen
o Lippia polystacha – nursery Blu-Blumen
o Mentha suaveolens x piperita – nursery Blu-Blumen
o Cucumis sativus ’Lemon‘ – nursery Blu-Blumen
o Yucca guatemalensis – nursery Custers plants
o Leucothoe ‘Makijaz’ and L. ‘Little Flames’ – nursery About Plants, Zundert (Netherlands)
o Euonymus japonica ‘Paloma Blanca’ – nursery About Plants, Zundert (Netherlands)
o Primula vulgaris ‘Innisfree’ -nursery Cammeraat, Boskoop (Netherlands)
o Parthenocissus quinquefolia ‘Star Showers’ and Parthenocissus tricuspidata – nursery Hoogeveen Plants
o Clematis Sweetheart ‘Witswe’, ‘Whoopi’ and ‘Little Mermaid’ – nursery M. de Witt
o Buddleja Free Petite Blue Heaven, Dark Pink, Snow White and Tutti Frutti – nursery Out
o Weigela florida Wings of Fire – nursery P.W. Captein
o Gardenia Crown Jewel – nursery Snepvangers
o Camellia Fairy Blush – nursery Snepvangers
o Buddleja davidii Silver Anniversay and B. Lavender Veil – nursery Van Den Dool Cultures
o Magnolia Cleopatra – nursery Piet Vergeldt
o Helleborus ‘Spring Promise Conny’ – Helmut Lörcks, Kevelaer (Germany)
o Primula rosea ‘Girl’s Delight’and P. ‘Inara’ – Helmut Lörcks, Kevelaer (Germany)
o Viola Ice Babies – nurseries Reinhard Schmid and Ralf Seidl, Geldern (Germany)
o Anemone Lenz Animo – nursery Kaun
o Edibles ‘Erntelust’, ’La Selection du Chef’ and ‘Tom & Cherry’ concepts – nursery Klingelhöfer
o Hydrangea macrophylla Magical – nurseries De Jong and W. Baum.
The novelties will be described more detailed in separate news posts.