Judge and compare lilies at VWS

WVS Lily Trial Greenhouse

VWS Export-Import of Flowerbulbs in Broek op Langedijk, Netherlands is one of the export companies which participate in the Dutch Lily Days (May 22-25). It exports yearly more than 100 million flower bulbs to more than 60 countries such as Italy, Vietnam, China, Japan, Australia, India, Russia, Eastern Europe and South-American countries. For visitors of the Dutch Lily Days the lily trial greenhouse of WVS will be interesting, as 550 lily varieties can be compared here. Half of these varieties are new for the upcoming season. Also Tulip, Gladiolus and Iris novelties can be seen at these special open days.
For WVS the Dutch Lily Days are even more special because the company also hosts the Spring Mechanisation exhibition, a big event for bulb flower growers, suppliers, breeders, clients and more.