Johan Jansen develops tea shrubs for Western Europe

Tea by Me - image: Special Plants Zundert

Tea by Me – image: Special Plants Zundert

Johan Jansen from Dutch based nursery Special Plant Zundert has a clear ultimate goal in mind. He wants to breed his own winter hardy tea. Jansen is not exclusively focused on Camellia sinensis varieties that can grow in Western Europe, but they should be visually attractive as well. The tea plants he produces must be grown biologically, as consumers should be able to make own tea.
‘Tea by Me’
“How he is going to achieve his goal is at the moment hard to tell for Jansen”, writes Peter van Leth in the leading Dutch trade magazine for hardy nursery stock De Boomkwekerij. Van Leth also mentions the concept ‘Tea by Me’ which Jansen created. He dedicated a special website to the concept. However, for the further development of ‘Tea by Me’ as a concept and marketing tool he seeks partners.
Unique project
On this site, Jansen underscores the uniqueness of his project. “Never before had a nursery in Europe succeeded in developing the tea plant Camellia sinensis. Special Plant Zundert did so after years of development and brings it now to the market under the label ‘Tea by Me’.”
At last years Dutch trade fair Plantarium Special Plant Zundert already presented this concept. Earlier this year Jansen was a guest at the TV program Booming Brabant. This program featured his project as a start-up [see the video in the right sidebar on the WOODY PLANTS page of newPlantsandFlowers – English subtitles].