‘It all starts in the breeders’ minds’

Petunia grandiflora ‘KLEPH15313’ Nightsky Innovert Gold - photo: Selecta one

Petunia grandiflora ‘KLEPH15313’ Nightsky – photo: Selecta one

“Breeders are in charge. If they do the marketing right, they can really push something”, tells Claudia Groth, Master Gardener Program Instructor at the Oregon State University Extension Service (US) to Kym Pokorny, author of the Extension Service article: ‘The best of new plants grab gardeners’ attention’. It all starts according to Pokomy in the breeders’ minds. If they produce a plant that grabs the industry’s eye, gardeners will open their wallets and buy.
“So far this year, gardeners like the colour purple, unusual vegetables and the continuing theme of smaller plants for smaller spaces.” For this article Groth choose six plants that are showing popularity this season: Verbena ‘Lascar Black Velvet’, Petunia ‘Night Sky’ [pictured], Hosta ‘Mini Skirt’ and Hosta ‘Lakeside Paisley Print’, Mashua (Tropaeolum tuberosum) and Mushroom plant (Rungia klossi). For Groth’s comments on these plants please read the original article.